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As digital masters, we believe that IT can transform your promising business into a fast-growing juggernaut without breaking the bank.

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Managed IT services - About us
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We go the extra mile


Client approval

We ensure that every IT service and solution we provide matches your needs perfectly!


Years of experience

Our in-depth understanding of the IT landscape equipped us to be your trusty IT partner for life!


All-star team

We have assembled our expert team with one mission in mind - Let you conquer the world of IT.


Unique solutions

We come up with custom IT answers to your specific business problems and help you grow! 

We let companies discover a better way to conduct business! 

IT solutions have disrupted the business world by providing capabilities to small and medium-sized businesses that were only reserved for the happy few in the past. Now, every business can enjoy security, premier communications, remote work opportunities, and flexibility to adapt and grow seamlessly. At Intelligent IT, we strive to share this digital wealth with companies that would greatly benefit from adopting cutting-edge IT practices.

We aim to help you discover IT that works specifically for you. We design custom solutions that incorporate your distinct conditions and let your business shine without technical or physical limitations! 

Managed IT services - About us

Tailored IT solutions for your business

Top-notch IT management and monitoring

We have spent countless hours perfecting our IT management practices and delivering digital support beyond surface-level solutions. We help you implement and maintain your IT capabilities that directly affect your growth and productivity!

Supporting your business through changes

With digital technologies evolving frantically, no business can afford to stay on the sidelines and watch their competition grow with the power of IT. As lifelong partners to your business efforts, we stay firmly in your corner to help you navigate the ever-changing digital landscape! 

Managed IT services - About us
“IT in business is a global movement, and we will help you join the revolution! ”
Hooman Bakhtiar, Co-Founder & COO
Countless businesses have implemented IT to enhance their capabilities and overcome the limitations that plagued their growth. We are here to let you achieve digital transformation without spending a fortune or months of your time! 

We deliver cutting-edge IT solutions right to your proverbial doorstep to let your business aspirations come to fruition. We help you think big and achieve ambitious business goals with the flexibility, security, and convenience of IT!

"Quick to respond in an emergency"

"Intelligent IT now monitors and manages our systems and is transparent with keeping us informed on any issues that arise and quick to respond in an emergency, which gives me great comfort as a business owner. I appreciate their availability and response time to resolve issues when they arise."

Hamid Nicoo

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