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With our custom-designed IT services and insanely fast support, we help businesses in Los Angeles, California and nearby areas hit their goals fast.

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Imagine a world where...

  • IT issues are fixed even before you realized there's a problem
  • Downtime is practically non-existent
  • Your calls get answered immediately when you reach your IT provider for support
  • Your business benefits from the latest technology advancements, making you up to 40% more efficient than your competition...

At a price that makes perfect sense to you!

This is not some state of Utopia that will never be known to mankind, we know hundreds of businesses in Los Angeles, California living in this world already!

But before we get into that, let's address the elephant in the room...

Managed IT servicesIT Management - IT Support

Why is it so difficult to find an IT provider that does it all for your business?

An IT partner that
  • keeps your cybersecurity 100% bulletproof,
  • while keeping you compliant,
  • while proactively ensuring your day to day processes are seamless,
  • while still being available to solve any random IT issue that may pop up immediately!

Because let's face it, life would be a lot easier if you could dump all your IT needs on a single, trusted IT provider.

Rather than constantly interviewing a new "specialist" for every new IT project, wouldn't it be great to have all the specialists and IT experts in one mega team that you already know and trust?

Managed IT servicesIT Management - IT Support



Are tired of their companies being treated poorly by IT providers who clearly no longer have the capacity to cope with their growing demands


Have a team of 10 - 100 staff (onsite and remote)


Have had it with constantly facing one IT issue or the other, without an apparent solution in view


Are tired of long-winding contracts that keep them stuck with under-performing and unreliable IT service providers


Are ready to have IT propel their business growth, rather than remain the necessary evil it has been…

If you meet these five (5) criteria, what you are about to look at could radically change your business

Because with great business ambition comes...the need for great IT!

You know that IT is great, when it's no longer a dreaded aspect of your business you have to budget for, but an active key player in your company's growth.

And great IT support? You know that by how quickly and easily everything runs. Great IT support makes your entire IT environment run like a well-oiled machine, without the hiccups, complexities, or surprise bills!

We believe this so much so, we built an entire company to offer this level of support and expertise to businesses all around Los Angeles, California. With us, you can say goodbye forever to your IT headaches, and grow in an IT environment where everything just works!

Managed IT servicesIT Management - IT Support

What our clients say about us

We go the extra mile for all our clients, so much so that they excitedly refer us to others!

4.8/5 (9)

"Life saver, after we lost our financial data, they helped us to recoup our data then they built a great network for our company and they are taking care of our IT system now. You are awesome."

Finance VHB

"Intelligent IT is a great service provider and very quick to respond to our technical issues and help fix anything we need. I would recommend them to anyone!"

Shelli Jenkins

"Intelligent IT has been servicing our photo lab for the past several years. They have very friendly responsive staff and certified IT technicians! Very happy with the service Intelligent IT provides!"

Eddie Bakhtiar

"It is almost been a year since we signed up Intelligent IT and its been an absolutely great experience. The staff is not just responsive but also very friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a professional company to manage their IS needs."

Saba Ejaz

With over 34 years of IT expertise, we’ve seen it all

Whether you are nervous around computers or not, technology can have a profit-building impact on your business.

With this many years of experience, we know the lackluster and (sometimes) terrible IT support experiences that businesses in Los Angeles, California have had…

All promises, no delivery.

Recurring IT problems, poor internet, stone-age IT systems, non-existent remote work opportunities, and do we need to mention the cybersecurity threats and compliance issues?

All these with lock-in contracts that keep you tied to an IT provider that has no clue how to make IT work for you!

IT solutions pave the way toward uninterrupted growth!

As your trusty IT provider, Intelligent IT aims to reinforce your digital capabilities and arm you with cutting-edge tools that simplify your growth efforts. With our tailored solutions and continuous support to keep you going, your business will get a chance to soar above the competition and achieve unprecedented productivity levels.

We help you build a future-proof IT environment that will accommodate your rising business ambitions and grant you the flexibility to scale, expand and adapt without limitations!

We help you build a future-proof IT environment that will accommodate your rising business ambitions and grant you the flexibility to scale, expand and adapt without limitations!

Managed IT servicesIT Management - IT Support

How we offer a completely different IT experience

Free IT consultation

We ensure that our promises are more than just empty buzzwords. Enjoy our free consultation and decide for yourself!

+27% efficiency increase

We let you increase productivity and achieve results without skyrocketing your IT investments and expenses.

98% Customer satisfaction

We keep our loyal clients satisfied and well-equipped on their journey toward becoming market leaders.

Lifetime support

We aim to support your business through its growth cycle to solve any technical challenges on your way!

In fast steps

You click “Take care of IT for me”

Starting point

Let us know how we can help by filling in the form at the bottom of the page

Within one working day

We get on a discovery call to be 100% sure that we are a perfect fit working together

At your convenience, or until our offer expires

We answer any IT questions / concerns you may have


We schedule an IT strategy session to assess your current IT needs

About half a business day later

We custom-create a unique IT plan for your business

As soon as you can

Upon your approval, you pass us the keys and go through our seamless onboarding process

Within 5 - 15 working days, depending on size of project

We make you IT environment work like a well-oiled machine

Total time taken, if you opt for minimal adjustment: within 5 working days after signing up.

You experience "the best IT support you have ever had"

We impress you month after month, to keep the partnership thriving

We serve Los Angeles, California and surrounding areas

Start your journey with us and receive state-of-the-art IT support that takes your business to the next level NOW...

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